Sustainability Initiatives

Sustainability Initiatives
In the production of our products “Lustroware” and “Lustromedic” we use plastic raw materials. The source of these materials is crude oil, which is a finite resource and emits carbon dioxide as it is refined. Civilization has developed at a fast pace due to innovation and technology, and people’s lifestyles have been dramatically transformed. However, the negative effects of global warming are great, and have led to a decrease in marine resources and a disturbance of the ecosystems of plants and animals.
In an attempt to tackle these global problems in our highly civilized world, we are focused on implementing the following “3Rs”:


Reducing Plastic Consumption
Switching to other materials without affecting the performance or price range of our products. Reducing the amount of plastic used by redesigning products, such as making them thinner or reconsidering sizes.
Reusing Plastics
Crushing and melting plastic materials that were once used for other commercial products, and reshaping, strengthening and using them in production.
Recycling Plastics: Recycling the crushed and melted plastic materials for use in our products. Recycle
A typical example is plastic bottles. Used plastic bottles which have been collected are crushed, and the crushed raw materials are used to produce new plastic bottles.

These 3Rs are already in place at our company to a certain degree, and we continue to develop and expand the practice of the 3Rs in the future.