Greeting from the President

Our motto is: “Creating Value that Brightly Glows”

On behalf of our entire company, from production to sales, we sincerely thank you for your support for the past 40 years since the introduction of the Lustroware brand in Japan. We have always kept the original meaning of the word “lustro” – meaning “glowing” – in mind, as integral to our development concept, and have continued creating new products based on it.
This has been true since the beginning, and will continue into the future.

As the times and people’s demands continue to change, we believe that “the one-of-a-kind value of a product– a value that glows brightly” will become even more important as consumer demand continues to expand internationally. Even in the midst of global competition, we are determined to put our corporate motto into practice and fulfill our responsibility of providing the highest quality to our customers around the world.

This is our core aspiration, not only in product development, but also in our manufacturing processes and provision of service. We appreciate and are grateful for your continued support and patronage as we take steps to achieve our goals.